Request For Pickup

Frequently Asked Questions

1. how do i contact deliverygeeks?

You can contact us by phone: +234 704 558 8885, +234 704 558 8886
Our contact form works great as well. We'll be sure to respond to your support request within 24 working hours.

2. what forms of payment are accepted by deliverygeeks?

We accept cash payments at pickup points or direct bank transfers into our corporate account. We’ll be sure to introduce more payment options soon.

3. what are your office hours?

Mondays to Fridays: 8am to 5pm
Saturdays: 9am to 4pm

4. what happens after i place a request?

A shipment is created for you and a rider assigned to retrieve your package. You will then be updated on the progress of your package till it reaches its intended destination.

5. is there a list of items that cannot be sent using deliverygeeks?

We cover a wide range of items. Please contact us if you need clarifications on your specific package. 

6. am i sure that my packages would be handled carefully?

Absolutely. We take great pride in how meticulous we are with handling packages entrusted in our hands. 

7. are there restrictions to the number of items i can have delivered?

No. You can send as many consignments as you wish. We’ll handle them all for you.

8. can i track the progress of my packages during transit?

Yes. You’ll be able to track the movement of your package right from when your shipment is created, and our riders pick it up till it is successfully delivered.

9. should i package my items?

Most certainly. Our personnel are well trained and careful while handling your packages. However, ensuring that your items are well protected is very important as well.

10. what is the best way to have my items packaged?

We have put together a set of packaging guidelines you would find helpful to ensure that your package is well protected.